Custom Solar Photovoltaic Solutions



solar panel on golf cart

185 Watts of direct solar energy
supply the 36 Volts required for
consistent battery charging demands.

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than powering your recreational vehicle, motor home, golf cart, ATV or other electrical devices with clean, noise-free solar energy.

Ranging in power outputs from 25 Watts to 2000 Watts (or more), SolarScape Innovations will design a custom solar solution to meet your needs and work in the space available.

Reduce the need for noisy generators and power-hungry charging units and work with an environmentally clean carbon footprint. Using solar module energy to supplement in charging your units will also prolong overall battery life as minimal deep cycle discharging occurs.

Lunor Rover with Custom Solar Panel

Lunar Rover - Robotic 4WD

Marz Rover with Custom Solar Panel

Marz Rover - Robotic 6WD. Please visit Lights, Camera, Grippers.
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