Custom Solar Photovoltaic Solutions



solar panel on canvas boat cover

Custom Marine Lamination Manufacturing.
Adhesion directly to canvas.

At SolarScape we believe in helping to reduce the world's carbon footprint and reducing pollution. We recently worked with a local custom boat manufacturer to create a prototype unit for a solar electric boat. This established our first foray into marine solar use and our design team has continued to work on ways to evolve and further our abilities to serve this sector. In providing solar electric power for marine use, the gas and oil pollutants to our waterways will be reduced which is good news for wildlife, ecology and mankind. The electric motors used on a solar boat are also much quieter, keeping cottage areas more peaceful. We are proud to be exploring this industry for future opportunities.

boat with solar panel

185 Watts powers this 24 Volt electric boat.
Environmentally quiet, clean and green (or orange).

flexible solar panels

50 Watt light weight portable design modules.
Aluminum backing. Ideal for quick 12 Volt charging systems.