Custom Solar Photovoltaic Solutions

portable solar panel

90w Portable Folding



Portable power means that you can take it anywhere. As long as there is exposure to the sun, you can power-up your favorite electrical components. Take your SSI portable, folding solar modules to the beach, camping, hunting, or in your RV. Go out in your boat, set up at the cottage or take it hiking to power your radios, lights, laptops and even televisions.

solar panel hanging on fence

130w Portable Folding

SSI will customize the size, power and color of your portable, waterproof, folding solar

camo solar panels

25w Portable Camouflage Style

module to provide a lightweight, high efficiency power source that will not require hydro and replaces noisy, smelly fumes from gas generators. Avoid the hassle and high cost of hydro hook-ups when camping or RV’ing. Know that you can rely on the use of your cell phone while listening to your favorite music with ambient lighting when you are in remote locations.

50 Watt Portable Solar Panel

50w Dual Fold Open

50 Watt Portable closed Solar Panel

50w Dual Fold Closed