Custom Solar Photovoltaic Solutions



car with solar panel on roof

Toyota Prius 185 Watt solar installation.
Assists battery charging to allow greater
duration between ‘plug in’ intervals.

The SolarScape Innovations (SSI) manufacturing team has past and present experience in solar automotive applications. Our team has designed and manufactured custom solar photovoltaic solutions for vehicle charging systems and accessory use. These innovative projects were designed to produce high power, yet retain a low profile and smoothly blend with the natural lines and characteristics of the automobiles used for these prototype projects. Our approach is to maximize efficiency and minimize weight while not detracting from the flow and esthetics of the vehicle.

Most recently, SSI partnered with Solera Sustainable Energies Company of Toronto, Canada, to provide the solar component for a Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid vehicle. This lightweight, low profile solar solution is used to augment the vehicle charging systems. This vehicle was displayed at the Green Living Show in Toronto in April 2009 and was met with much excitement.

Our manufacturing specialists continue to build on and refine these designs for future automotive applications. We feel the addition of these solar module projects of hybrid vehicles fulfills an existing industry demand. Further Research and Development and refined methods is an ongoing activity for us.

Toyot Prius with roof top solar panel

Toyota Prius ‘semi contoured’ construction.
200 Watt solar design.

Utility velhicel with roof top solar panel

150 Watt module. Permanent or portable mount.
Ideal system modules for various utility and RV applications where hydro hook-up not available.
12/24/36/48 Volt battery charging applications available.