Custom Solar Photovoltaic Solutions


Custom Solar Panel

1850 Watt Grid Tie ‘Solar Sail’ project.
Exceeds Ontario F.I.T. government
program requirements.


The SolarScape Innovations manufacturing team has developed a unique method for creating architectural solar glass pane modules. Our experience in manufacturing single and double (glass on glass) concepts in a variety of dimensions are ahead of their time.

As a custom and innovative product offering, these glass solar modules create a stunning and architecturally pleasing effect when used as atriums, canopies, building facades and more. The benefit of designing and creating passive solar heat from the glass structure combined with the encapsulated photovoltaic energy produces a true “green” product that can be used anywhere regular glass would normally be installed in a building envelope.

Solar Sail Specifications and more...

Solar Awning

Custom Dual Glass facades and overhead awnings. Commercial and residential application designs.

solar flower during day

Truly Unique Solar Flower Landscape Art

solar flower at night

Beautiful Evening Lighting Solutions for all your Landscaping Needs

Solar Flower Specifications and more...

Solar railing panel

Unique 135 Watt Glass on Glass Solar Partition / Railing Designs